Saddest Thing: J.N.

The saddest thing J.N. ever told me:

J: “I’m laying in bed, I’m so sleepy.”
K: “You’re going to fall asleep, aren’t you?”
J: “Hmm, yes. I like falling asleep talking to you. You sound so cute right now. Are you drunk?”
K: “Aww, thank you. And yes, I am.”
J: “Me too. Katie.”
K: “Yeah?”
J: “Katie, I think I am in love with you.”
K: “No, you’re not.”
J: “I mean it, I really am. Will you marry me? Will you be my wife? Look, here is what we’re going to do. We’re going to get married, and get a nice house. I’ll have a good job, and we’ll have two kids. Will you have my babies?”
K: “Yes, of course.”
J: “Okay, here’s what I want. I want a boy, named Nicholas, and a girl, named Charlotte.”
K: “And you want me to be a housewife? And make you sandwiches and cookies all day?”
J: “You always say the perfect things. I love you, I really do.”
K: “I dunno!”
J: “Will you do something for me? When I say ‘I love you’, you say it back.”
K: “Okay.”
J: “I love you, Katie.”
K: “I love you, too.”
J: “Ah, that feels so good. I wish you were here right now.”
K: “Yeah?”
J: “Yeah. I want to hug you and kiss you all over. I would hold you and push your hair back and kiss behind your ears. I would hold your hand, too. I really am in love with you, Katie.”
K: “You too, you too. Are you asleep? Are you there? I hear you breathing. Wake up. Waaake up. Okay, I am going to go to sleep now. So I hope you are having sweet dreams. Goodnight.”

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