Mixtape Monday: I’m Sorry, What Was The Question?

01. “They Call It Love? …Wow” by Pikelet
02. “Who is She?” by I Monster
03. “Do You Love Me?” by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
04. “May I Call You Doll?” by No Knife
05. “whatgrows?” by Lotus Plaza
06. “Have You Seen the Light?” by Adorable
07. “Can You Blame Me?” by Her Space Holiday
08. “What Else is There?” by Röyksopp
09. “Is There No-One In Your World But You?” by The Manson Family
10. “Are You Going to Leave Me?” by Isobel Campbell
11. “Kenya Dig It?” by The Ruby Suns
12. “What’s That Sound?” by Michael Andrews
13. “Hey! Hey!, Can U Relate?” by Nightmares On Wax
14. “What Are We Waiting For?” by Amiina
15. “Now You Like Me How?” by Woodpigeon
16. “How Am I Not Myself?” by Shocking Pinks
17. “Where Were You?” by Parachutes
18. “Road to Where?” by The 39Steps
19. “What Use?” by Tuxedomoon

Learning and learning and more learning. There is no real rhyme or reason to this mixtape, except the burning need for questions answered and the douse of water that never comes.

You can listen to this mixtape right here! Enjoy it, please.

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