Things I found while cleaning out my car

My bby Devin in our friend’s car!… This photo is somewhat relevant, I guess.

Okay… I’m really bad. Generally, I’m an extremely clean person. I hate clutter. Hate clutter. My room is always neat and organized, bathroom spotless and any other room is tidy and nice. My cubicle is minimalist in nature, and even my drawers are OCD-style. And then there’s my car.

My car is great. I’ve had it since I was sixteen (yeah, that was seven years ago. Christ.): A 1992 Toyota Corolla. So wonderful. I mean, it looks pretty ghetto, stylistically, but it runs well and I’ve had very few issues with it overall.

You wouldn’t think that, with the way I treat it. I guess I sort of make up for my cleanliness everywhere else by getting all of my “dirty” out in my car. The front seats are never that bad. I try to keep what I can immediately see tidy, after all. But then you get to the backseat. There are empty bottles and cans (recycle 4 life!), unraveled jumper cables (for the period of time when I kept not shutting my door all the way resulting in a dead battery — literally, like five times in a six month period), a random pillow, a coat, a lint roller, lots of dog hair, whatever.

And then there’s my trunk. Now… I can’t actually recall the last time I cleaned out my trunk. It must have been about three years ago when I was trying to make room in my car to take in bags of recyclables and couldn’t fit them all in. …yeah. And I moved twice since then. So. Needless to say, it was crammed to the brim, pretty much to the point where I didn’t want to open it for fear of some of the clutter falling out. Grossly irresponsible, really, when gas prices are so awful and MPG means everything.

Well, you can applaud me now, because today I spent nearly two hours (with a sore back!) going through and cleaning it out, tossing unnecessaries (70%) and discovering plenty more. Here is a list of some of the interesting objects I found:

  1. Every single insurance card since 2005 (I didn’t even get the car until 2007, so..)
  2. A handicap tag from the previous owners, expired in 2007.
  3. A photo of a random and unnamed scuba diver.
  4. A schedule from a semester in high school.
  5. Every single mix CD from every single romance.
  6. A pair of my mom’s bowling shoes from the ’80s.
  7. Half a loaf of 7/11 bread at least a year old and not even moldy.
  8. 79 copies of the July 2010 issue of Skinnie Magazine.
  9. My “Direct Writing Assessment” essay from 7th grade.
  10. An earring and a ring with an unknown owner.
  11. An origami swan from Chris.
  12. A copy of Spin Magazine with all of the beer ads bookmarked.
  13. A brand new huge package of Mediterranean sea salt.
  14. Three pairs of broken sunglasses.
  15. A box of film made for vintage cameras.
  16. A pair of hot pink high heels, which I wore to my senior prom.
  17. A couple of strobe lights.
  18. The discovery that I actually have two sets of jumper cables.
  19. A blue Power Ranger toy.

So… there’s that.

Did you know? “Clean out my car” is goal number ninety-four in my list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days? No? Well you do now! Hop to!

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