Search results that have directed people to my blog

I love looking at my Site Stats on my WordPress Dashboard. It’s like a subtle ego-stroke every time the “daily visitors” number goes up, and also like a puzzle trying to figure out how they arrived at my blog altogether. Sometimes it’s easy, but sometimes these search results are a little unexpected. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. roommate his toenails – This had two results. Someone got here twice from this search. How?
  2. vesturbaejarlaug gay – Someone wanted to know if a community pool in Iceland is gay, or…?
  3. dandy nick cave – I just like this.
  4. osama bin laden iphone – …?
  5. katie evans nietzsche – I’m proud of this one.
  6. saddest boobs – I’m not really sure why. I just have no idea, honestly?
  7. songs that say katie – If anyone finds a list, hit me up.
  8. list+of+random+foods+ive+never+heard+of – Yes.
  9. i have laid in bed – Me, too, Googler! I can sympathize! Why did this lead to my blog?
  10. person talking on iphone clipart – 99% sure I’ve never had one of these on here.
  11. sean mullins sings lisp – This might be my top favorite.
  12. when to kick a roommate friend financially unstable – ASAP, Googler! A.S.A.P.!
  13. omg rami kashou nude – But why? I do love Rami Kashou, but… why?
  14. does iphones have an app to wear i can make my self look thicker? – But why? [2]
  15. katie evans applying for a job – Very funny, Future Employer. Crafty, aren’t you?!
  16. katie evans my to go shoes – I need some.

No, but really, “katie evans applying for a job”? So crafty! I bet they found my Alone Time entry and thought I was a weirdo.

Anyway, what are some of the strange search results you’ve gotten?

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